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  1. Steve B

    The following dispute is with the Binary Options broker GT Options.
    Firstly I deposited £250.00 with GT Options on 12/12/14 and all was fine.
    I then deposited another £250.00 with GT Options on 30/12/14. Firstly the deposit amount did not show up in my account. The account balance was £23.62 and should have gone to £273.62.

    I telephoned GT Options who said the £250.00 had been used by Mikes auto trading software. This was rubbish as the last trade i made finished at 22:30 as you can see from the printed sheets. I deposited the £250.00 at 23.50, and did not trade as the balance did not show up in my account. You cannot trade unless there is a balance in your account (£23.62 is not enough to trade in what i wanted). I never took a bonus as I did not want to get hooked into trading 30 times or what ever to claim my monies.

    I have sometimes used Mikes Auto Trader, and the service is fine and shows all incomes and out goings. This service did not trade all of a sudden by itself as they say.
    While i was trading with them the trading screen froze and the trading screen in which i was winning was removed, despite being on other brokers screens. This happened when i was trading one evening on my own and not with the auto trader. The trading platform was also at times fixed as it would stay fixed in one area for over a minute and when the time would get close to finish it would move in opposite direction. I can now see that this is a fixed system. They can see if your trading on your own or with one of their brokers and just loose your monies. GT Options is a scam as they take your monies, fix the trading areas, and do not give deposit or other monies back.

    Interestingly when i deposited the £250.00 at 23:50 it went to an account of Eufal LTD and not GT Options as the first payment did on 12/12/14. I understand Eufal Ltd is the company which run GT Options. I used the live chat on the GT Options website after the deposit on 30/12/14 did not show up but all they say was that the recent deposit was used. This is all lies as as i said earlier my account balance stayed the same at £23.62. I then had a broker telephone me from GT Options who wanted me to deposit £4500 with him and stop the auto trader. I said i could not afford £4500 he then said £1500 would be ok. I just wanted my deposit back now as i had lost faith in GT Options. There was no way i was going to give them anymore monies. The broker said it’s Mikes Auto Trader that has placed the trades, again all lies as there is no evidence of this happening in my trading history whereby it was supposed to be placing the trades. When i asked them for proof they changed the subject and when i asked for my £250.00 back the broker put the phone down.

    I spoke to them again the following day 31/12/14 and an account manager? Rang me to say it was the Auto Trader that had used my money and did not want to listen about the time i made the deposit and the fact that i had not traded. He also put the phone down.
    You can be clearly seen from the trading account within Mikes Auto Trader that the last trade i made was at 22:09 which expired at 23:30. No trades were made after i deposited the £250.00 at 23:50 of which my credit card company have a record of the time.
    In short my deposit of £250.00 did not show up, there has been no trading all of a sudden as no proof.

    Contact details of GT Options are:
    Telephone: 0203 695 5628 Email:
    Website: .
    0203 514 8634
    I managed to find there address after my credit card company told me there postcode is NW11 7TJ. There office is:
    788-790 Finchley Road
    NW11 7TJ

    GTOptions | | Johnathan Leo | Main street ,Nr 26,
    BI.VICTORIA H, Sc. , Et., Ap. 41/42 | Gibraltar, Gibraltar 5677732, Gibraltar

    Although their office is at the above address in London the broker that rang me who had a heavy west African accent was calling from Ballacluish in Scotland. I say this as the number was from Ballacluish. Despite saying he was in London. Personally i do not believe they are in London at all , just rent an office space. 0203 numbers can be bought cheaply to give the illusion that your business is in London.

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